About Georgie

Bristol based Artist with a passion for colour


I am Georgie Webster a Bristol artist based in Montpelier. I work with a variety of different mediums but predominantly paint with acrylics.

Colour to me is everything.  I love to change my style depending on the subject but colour will always play the key role, as I experiment through different moods and emotions.
I have recently moved away from painting animals to painting the human form.  Painting a series of butts (who doesn’t love a good booty!) to celebrate them in all their different shapes and sizes.  I am also working on an on going series of male nudes. Here, I choose to paint them in softer poses more traditionally associated with the female form.  My aim is to  show the softer side of masculinity, demonstrating that it doesn’t always need to be strong brave or unemotional.  It is no secret that society encourages us to hide the more tender, vulnerable aspect of those who choose to identify as male.  However, I believe the more we are exposed to the diverse representations of masculinity, the more we will challenge the toxic side we have come to accept as the norm.

Whilst I paint I become fascinated with how my paint palettes evolve during a piece and the beauty of them in their own right. As a result, I have turned some into Giclee prints, working in gold leaf or glitter. This process allows two works of art evolving as one yet being almost entirely different.

Current residencies

Cafe Jackalope

401 Gloucester Road,

Movement Boutique

Alma Road,

Steak of the Art

Canons Way,