About Georgie

Bristol based Artist with a passion for colour


I am Georgie Webster a Bristol artist based in Horfield, working with a variety of different mediums, predominantly painting with acrylics.

Colour to me is everything.  I love to change my style depending on the subject but colour will always play the key role, as I experiment through different moods and emotions.

I have become fascinated with how my paint palettes evolve during a piece and the beauty of them in their own right. Drawing on this idea I have turned some into Giclee prints, working in gold leaf and now use canvas to mix my paints instead of a palette. The result is two works of art evolving as one yet being almost entirely different.

I also run my etsy shop Trifle Art and Textiles with Johanna Lindsley who is from a textile background. Here you will find velvet cushions featuring my art as well as my other mugs and limited edition fine art Giclee prints.


Current residencies

Cafe Jackalope

401 Gloucester Road,

Movement Boutique

Alma Road,

Steak of the Art

Canons Way,